2019 is my year of the supernatural. This year my hands will perform miracles, signs and wonders. I will be a marvel to the world around me this year. Grace for higher achievements, extraordinary outcomes and superlative results rest on me mightily. Everyday and in every way I’m getting better and better.

Our children and younger generation are for signs and wonders. Their love for God grows. Divine favor that will make them preferred above their contemporaries rest on them. They will always be chosen for good things in Jesus name.

This year I have laser-sharp focus. I’m not swayed by distractions nor happenings around me. My face is glued to Jesus and to the heavenly vision. At the coming of the Lord I will not be ashamed nor disappointed. The mercy of God speaks for me when it matters most.

This church enlarges its coasts and territory. This church influence grows in the community and the city. Every opposition against this church wanes and their schemes are of no effect. The grace of God abounds on the church leadership.