On-Site Sunday Service Resumption

Our Sunday Church service will resume for workers beginning this

Sunday June 28, 2020 @ 10 AM.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and gradually reopen services as safely as possible.

We do understand that some people may have concern returning for Church service at this time. For such people, we will like to entreat them to continue worshiping with us online.

NOTE: Our Children’s Church will remain closed, until further notice. Hence, parents will be required to sit with their children.

What The Church Has Done

We will have the premises thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by professional janitors before Sunday.

We have procured and stationed many hand sanitizers for your personal hygienic use.

We entreat everyone coming for service to wear face masks. However, if you don’t any, face masks are available for your use.

We have re-arranged the seats in our sanctuary to allow for social & physical distancing.

To ensure that nobody joins the congregation with fever, we will check the temperature of everyone prior to entering the Church premises.

What You Are To Do

If you are unwell or have any issue that put you at high risk, kindly inform the Pastor while you stay at home.

While at Church, please distance yourself from others as much as possible. i.e. No hugging, no hand-shaking etc. Please let us all greet one another by smiling and waving of hand.

Please wash your hands in the restroom or use the sanitizers as often as needed.

Please ensure that you and your family wear face masks before coming for service.

Because older people tend to be high-risk of getting sick, we entreat all elders who are over 65 years to stay at home and watch us online.