Church Life Groups

Our church is made of several important ministries and live groups which promote fellowship and spiritual growth among the members. Similar to the parts of human body, these ministries and groups are perfectly knitted together in unity and harmony to undertake the vital functions of our church.

By the grace of God, our ministries and live groups have been designed to meet the special and general needs of the members as well as the communities surrounding us. The ministries include prayer, evangelism, choir, and technical departments – to mention a few; and the live groups are formed by people with similar age range and social interest.

Wisdom Group

This is a natural group formed by the elderly men and women in our church who are 50 years and above. The Wisdom Group provides a means of actively and meaningfully engaging the elders in our church. Like the other natural groups, this is a fellowship group in which members regularly meet to pray and exhort themselves using the Bible.

Men of Issachar

Men of Issachar is the name of the fellowship group consisting of male adults in our church. This group provides a means of fellowshipping among the men. The main purpose of this group is to assist each man in our Church to fulfill his God-assigned responsibilities as the spiritual head in his family. Holding to the teaching of sacred Scripture, we consider the duty of the Christian husband and father to include providing spiritual leadership for his family (Genesis 18:19), dearly loving his wife as Christ loves the Church (Ephesians 5:25–28), and meeting the sustenance needs of his household (1 Timothy 5:8). Besides helping them to undertake their spiritual obligation, Men of Issachar is also committed to assisting the men to succeed professionally, economically and socially, so that they are empowered enough to function optimally in our society to the glory of God.

Courageous Women

The Courageous Women is formed by the women in our Church. Seeking to dutifully perform our roles as Christian wives and mothers, we the courageous women commit ourselves to building our homes on the foundation of the word of God. The structure and content of our programs are basically shaped by the desire of making every female adult in our Church a true virtuous and godly woman excelling at the workplace and home. Essentially, Courageous Women is the fellowship niche that provides the vital spiritual and social support needed by every woman for her all-round success.

Cedars of Lebanon

Consisting of young male and female adults, Cedars of Lebanon is the ministry group that has the primary task of equipping the youth in our church for great exploits in their respective endeavors. Because we believe that the word of God plays an indispensable role in preparing the individual for a future of great success, we make it our aim to study the Bible in a manner that is exciting and bears practical relevance to issues in life. Run by a leadership team composed of church ministers and excelling young adults, Cedars of Lebanon also provides apt guidance and counsel to the youth in our church, many of which are college students.

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Daniel Generation

Our teenagers are referred to as the Daniel Generation. Under this ministry, the teenagers in our church are specially ministered to through the study of the Scriptures. Using Daniel and other persons in the Bible whose lifestyle exemplifies moral excellence, the teenagers are always taught with sound biblical principles with the aim of aligning their will and perspectives after the word of God. Daniel Generation also affords the opportunity for our teenagers to interact among themselves and share opinions on the issues they commonly face in their lives. More so, the group serves as a great platform with many opportunities for young people to serve in church with their natural talents and gifts. Such opportunities help nurture their leadership qualities and potentials, and hence constitute a means of empowering them to becoming great leaders in the future.

Children’s Ministry

Here in RCCG LISP, we view our children as future Kingdom Builders. Our belief of having a strong Children’s Ministry is founded on the admonition our Lord Jesus Christ gave to His disciples, saying “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). To bring the Bible to the level of our children’s understanding, the Children’s Ministry uses a variety of simplified means to educate and train them in the way of the Lord. One of the most exciting programs organized for our children is the annual Summer Vacation Bible School (VBS). This program is like children’s camping during which they are taught simple and yet great stories in the Bible.