Love Or Something Like That…

Happy New Month guys!! I hope you are as excited as I am to see the second month of 2019. It’s
crazy how quickly January went by, but I thank God all the same. So I feel like the title of this
piece kind of sounds like a movie I have watched, but I am not very sure, anyway, it doesn’t
really matter, let’s get right into the word for the month.

We are in the month of love and relationships, so what better time to talk about love and
relationships than now. Let me ask you all a few questions. Are you in a relationship? If yes,
how has this relationship benefited you as a person? How has this relationship benefited you
spiritually? Would you say you are better off dating your “significant other” than you were
before this relationship started? Now, compare this relationship with your relationship with God?
Between God and this person, who are you closer to? Who do you spend more time with? Who
takes up more space in your mind? Who takes up more of your thoughts and affection?
Now, I know like myself, some of us are not in relationships and there is nothing wrong with
that, but you can still answer these questions. Just think about people or things in your life that
you have attached a lot of value and meaning to. I want you to spend some time thinking about
these questions. Don’t try to justify your answers, just answer these questions and keep your
answers at the back of your mind as you continue to read.

We, humans, were created to be in relationships. In Genesis, God created Eve for Adam because
He didn’t want Adam to be alone. But before Eve came, the first relationship that ever was
existed between God and man (Adam), and to be honest that relationship has taken a back seat in
a lot of lives today. I am not saying that this is so for everyone and before you try to crucify me
let me ask you this, how many times have you forfeited spending time with God to do other
things? How many times have found yourself pick a night out with friends over personal bible
study? Netflix over prayers? If your answer isn’t zero, at one time or the other your relationship
with God has taken a back seat. Now don’t feel bad, because I am just as guilty as you are, so I
am not judging you. I just want us to acknowledge this fact and be aware of this and I also want
us to make a conscious effort not to put our relationship with God at the back seat going forward.
I know it is hard and there are a lot of things competing for our attention, but I think its high time
we stop making excuses for ourselves and just try.

For any relationship to work there has to be love in it. Revelations 2:4 talks about the church of
Ephesus losing its first love. What does that even mean? If you continue reading the rest of that
chapter (which I encourage you to do) goes on to explain what exactly it means to lose your first
love. It talks about how they stopped doing the things they used to do when they first got saved.
And I think it is very crazy how this translates into our earthly relationships also. This is one of
the main reasons why a lot of people end relationships and marriages. You find that either both
partners or one partner have stopped doing the things that he or she used to do when they first
got together and the love was so great and after a while the love died down. In order for your
relationship with God to wax strong, you need to ensure your love for God does not die down or
go cold.

I know that sounds like a lot because, in actual fact, it is not every day you “love” your partner,
how much more God (when I say this I don’t mean that you don’t love God, I just mean that
some days the love is “stronger” than others). True, I understand perfectly the message that is
being passed across here, but this is truly where 1 Corinthians 13 comes in. This chapter in the
bible says a lot of things. For one, it lists the attributes of love and the qualities that love is
supposed to have. I know the scientist will tell you that there are different types of love, the love
I am referring to here is the God kind of love which is also known as Agape love. Agape love is
unconditional love, loving in spite of everything else, most especially when the recipient does
not deserve to be loved. I know in myself that I do not practice this type of love daily, so do not
worry, we will figure out the best way forward together.

The Bible tells us that while we were yet sinners that God loved us and sent his son down to die
for us. I believe this is one of the most amazing revelations in the bible and it is definitely
something that we all need to internalize. God loved us so much that he sent His son (which is
actually Himself) to die for us so that we can come to a revelation and understanding of who He
is. He showed us, love, first which is why it is “easy” for us to love Him in return. Loving God is
a conscious action, it is not something you can do half-heartedly. It’s the same way you can’t
love your significant other half-heartedly, you have to make a conscious effort to show him or
her that you love him or her. God is constantly showing us His love in every aspect and area of
our lives. When you come to a deeper understanding of God’s love you will be able to overcome
all other ungodly emotions and ooze out the love of God towards others. 1 Corinthians 13 also
tells us to make sure that everything we do is done out of love. If there is no love behind your
actions, your actions become meaningless regardless of whether or not they put a smile on
someone’s face.

When you are able to love, a lot of things in your life begin to fall in place. 1 Peter 4:8 tells us
that love covers a multitude of sins. We should also remember that when Jesus came he modified
the ten commandments into two and both have them have to do with love. If you love God, you
will serve Him diligently, you will obey His word and you will seek His face regularly and on
every matter. The Bible tells us the greatest of love, hope and faith is love, so in order to get into
an amazing walk and relationship with God, you have to love Him, not just when things are
going right, also when things are going wrong. Also, it is important that you love your neighbor
as you love yourself. 1 John 4:20 talks about how you cannot say you love God and hate your
neighbor. It is not of God to hate your neighbor, that is the second commandment that Jesus gave
it to us. You have to make a conscious effort to show love to those around you, especially the
ones you don’t like and the ones that don’t like. Sometimes, God expects us to show love to them
because He showed love to us. The Bible tells us that you cannot make sacrifices to God and you
are not at peace with your neighbor. As far as God is concerned that is lip service.
I am not sure if I have digressed from my central point, but I just want to reiterate that in order
for you to be successful in your walk with God and also here on earth you need to learn to love
and love completely, both God and your neighbors, because in love you find so many other
attributes; you are able to forgive, you are able to respect and persevere and so on. So, take out
time this month to pray and ask God to renew His love in you so you can serve Him diligently and also love those around you. I know it is not easy, I struggle with this daily, but I believe if
you are able to take that first step to pray that God will hear and help you in more ways than you
can imagine. I am not going to get into the importance of prayer, that is a totally different topic
for another time. I wish you all the best this month as you grow in your love of and for God and
also as you show God’s love to others.

Until we meet again,

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